Stiu is way more than a shoe’s showroom: it is a creative minds lab, a emerging designers forge, based in via Muratori in Milan, who travel the world chasing the most innovative and contemporary trends in fashion.


Stiu mission is to create and bring in Italy some of the coolest and most forefront brands worldwide, with the main aim to distribute them in the most important retailers nationwide.


Vagabond Shoemakers: designed and produced in Sweden, they unite minimal and strict northern charm together with high quality and comfort typical of the handmade product.

Crosswalk shoes: emblem of research and versatility, Crosswalk shoes are made for a refined woman with a versatile style, cosmopolitan attitude and free spirit.

Intentionally Blank: international footwear cult just after few years from its launch in Los Angeles in 2014. Intentionally Blank are shoes that don’t go unnoticed, mixing together research and irony, they always enhance style of whom wear them.

Stiu: timeless vintage inspired charm animates Stiù collections unusual and forefront designs, it leads to the creation of unconventional models for style and materials. Wearing a pair of Stiù shoes it’s a creative choice that will break everyday routine, step by step.

Lodi: quality and goods design are the essence of Lodi, the exclusive women’s shoes brand entirely produced in Spain. For these reasons they select natural leather and create shapes that meet real women's needs. Whether for the office or dinner party – Lodi has the right style for every oppurtunity.

People Footwear: produces supremely confortable high-performance leisure footwear through the combination of classic style and contemporary construction.

Boy Smells: Boy Smells candles are a proprietary blend of coconut oil, beeswax, and other all–natural waxes; beautiful and rich–burning. Each scent has been developed to have its own unique expression; notes plucked from a personal catalog of olfactory memories, then evolved and expressed in a modern context. Both familiar and unexpected.